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Fight Another Day

The Dan Reed Network were often described as a multi-racial funk-rock band from Portland, Oregon. Great things were expected and predicted for the band, both through their music, and the image they portrayed. However, after three studio albums, and a best-of compilation, the band parted ways and the jump to the big leagues never happened. This was despite extensive touring and strong support slots, incredible live shows, and strong European support and radio play; in the US, the Pacific Northwest hometown crowds and support were immeasurable, but beyond that, the nation did not quite beckon.

The origin of the band actually started in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in 1979, where high school students Dan Reed and Dan Pred formed a band called Nightwing. Dan Reed moved to Portland in 1981, joining the band Nimble Darts to play keyboards and guitar. Dan Pred moved to Los Angeles in 1982, but then moved to Portland in 1984; After Nimble Darts disbanded, Dan Reed and Dan Pred formed Dan Reed Network, with the addidion of Brion James on guitar, Melvin Brannon on bass, and Jeff Siri on keyboards. They recorded one single, 'Eye On You' on Tandees Records. Jeff Siri was replaced by former Quarterflash keyboardist, Rick DiGiallonardo. They recorded an EP, 'Breathless' on independant Portland label, Nu-Vision Records.

By 1987, Dan Reed Network came to the attention of Polygram / Mercury and signed with them. Blake Sakamoto replaced Rick DiGiallonardo on keyboards, and the classic line-up was complete. The debut album, eponymously titled, was released in 1988. It was produced by the legendary Bruce Fairbairn, fresh off producing Bon Jovi's 'Slippery When Wet' and Aerosmith's 'Permananent Vacation'. The lead single 'Ritual' reached #38 on the Billboard Charts. US & European tours followed, including a date in London at the Marquee Club.

The band returned to the studio to record the incredible follow-up album, 'Slam', with another legend, Nile Rodgers. Somehow, depsite tours with Bon Jovi in arenas, and then the Rolling Stones in stadiums, in the UK and Europe, DRN were unable to build on the momentum and success of the first album. The media and radio play in the UK and Europe was strong, but somehow did not transalte into the big leagues. Outside of the Pacific Northwest, US media attention was disappointing. During this time, Dan Reed famously shaved his head, and removed the trapping of his image. But the record company did not share his view of identity and struggled to accept his decision, and did not know how to market a bald artist.

Dan Reed Network paired with Bruce Fairbairn again, and returned in 1991 with 'The Heat'. Lyrically, the album was politically charged. The album was actually the most successful for the band in the UK, but elsewhere, the label could not figure out what to do with the band. Promotion was non-existent, and only one video was produced, for 'Mix It Up'. The band funded a second video on their own for 'Long Way To Go'. Slowly, things unraveled with a lack of label interest and support. The band toured Australia, supporting the Baby Animals, and then in 1993, a 'Best of' album, 'Mixin' It Up' was released, with a small final tour of Europe. Demos of songs for a 4th studio album had been recorded, and some of these found life in solo and other band recordings. Officially, Dan Reed Network did not disband, but each band member went on to their own solo endeavours.

It seemed like the Dan Reed Network were resigned to the Band that almost did, and certainly should have. Each band member had, and still has, successes in their solo careers. Details of these are recorded elsewhere on this site.

In 2007, Dan Reed Network were inducted into the inaugural Oregon Music Hall of Fame, in Portland, Oregon. Dan Pred and Blake Sakamoto accepted the award. With the advent of social media, all of the band members came closer to their fans through their solo careers. The interest in Dan Reed Network reuniting never went away. Although it seemed like an impossibility, the stars aligned on 4th August 2012, and, at a Dan Reed solo show at the Star Theater in Portland, Oregon, Dan Reed, Dan Pred, and Blake Sakamoto, announced that they were getting the band back together for a special one-off show on New Years' Eve 2012 at the downtown Marriot in their hometown.

After a few studio rehearsals, Dan Reed Network returned to the stage on December 30th 2012 for a special VIP Rehearsal show before the New Year's Eve performance. With only a little rust, and some minor technical difficulties, DRN carried on from where they left off. Everything that made a DRN live performance special was still there, and they carried it over into the main New Years' Eve show the next night. Dan Reed Network were back on stage, and over the next three years, DRN summer and fall shows would dovetail with Dan's, and the rest of the bands', solo careers. Annual treks and concerts in the Pacific NW, across the UK, and at major European rock festivals proved that the interest in the band was as strong as ever.

The inevitable question became... Would Dan Reed Network record another album?

In 2015, Dan Reed announced that Dan Reed Network would enter the studio to record a fourth album, to be released 25 years after 'The Heat' in 2016. This news was accompanied with another piece that Blake Sakamoto would be leaving DRN to concentrate on his other musical ventures. In his stead, Dan's long-time friend and musical collaborator, Rob Daiker, would take over on keyboards.

The album, 'Fight Another Day' was released on June 3rd. The band recorded it largely in Portland, Oregon, at Falcon Studios, and Rob Daikers studio, The Commune. It was followed up with a small CD release tour across Europe.

Dan Reed Network - Current Line-Up


Dan Reed of Dan Reed Network
Vocals / Guitar / Piano

Dan Reed was born in Portland, Oregon, USA on February 17 1963. Dan was adopted and moved to a farm in South Dakota in a farming dominated landscape. Dan says that he felt he had to excel in everything he did - "I worked really hard in school and on the farm. I got up every morning at four to check the cattle. That instils a work ethic".

Dan studied martial arts for eight years - the evidence of this can be seen on stage. And then Dan Reed discovered how to play guitar. A Japanese exchange student lived with the family for a year and taught Dan guitar. He showed Dan how to open his mind to other cultures and how to play acoustic guitar. Dan applied his work ethic to music. He studied acting and music at school, but dropped acting as a potential career. Being in the mid-west USA, Dan was exposed to music from the east and west coast - the mix included AC/DC, Van Halen, Free, Bad Company, Sly and the Family Stone, Cameo and Parliament.

Dan dropped the acting and concentrated on music. In 1979, Dan Reed met Dan Pred at a music store - Engle's Music in Aberdeen and they formed a band - NIGHTWING - and won the annual talent contest at high school. Nightwing continued to perform in pool halls and at high school proms. But Dan was serious about his music and knew he had to get out of South Dakota to pursue it. He left for the West Coast in 1981 but had to leave college because of the pressure of gigging every night and studying during the day.

Dan then moved to Portland, Oregon, with the sort of music he wanted to play in his mind - "A lot of R&B but with raging guitars like AC/DC, Van Halen and Kiss". All he had to do was find musicians that fitted into that scheme. Dan hung out at music stores, playing guitar and meeting other musicians, eventually joining the bar band Nimble Darts as a keyboard and guitar player. Nimble Darts performed on the college and club scene. Through that, Dan put together a mailing list - The Dan Reed Network - to let people know where they were playing.

After the Nimble Darts disbanded in 1984, Dan formed his own group with Dan Pred, who had moved to Portland, and Brion James - a guitarist he met in Seattle and convinced to move to Portland. Dan Reed Network was born. The first line-up was completed by Melvin Brannon on bass, who kept bugging the guys for an audition, and Jeff Siri on keyboards.

Thus, Dan Reed Network was born.

Despite the marketing of Dan Reed Network, and record company projection of Dan Reed as a status sex symbol, he defied the image, and famously, shaved his head during the Slam days, the night before they were due to shoot the video for 'Rainbow Child'.

Dan Reed had been working on a number of solo projects whilst Dan Reed Network were still active. He provided guest vocals for various projects and was aloso involved with producing acts. Dan formed Hypedreamz studios in Portland and worked on film & commercial music as well as producing bands.

During this time, Dan moved into other things - principally acting - on stage and in film and writing screenplays. In 1992, he played the lead role, Torch, in the play 'Beirut' and also provided the soundtrack by Live Or Die.

In 1993, Dan Reed met the Dalai Lama, and interviewed him for Rolling Stone magazine.

Dan Reed went on to a have a few film appearances included 'Zig Zag', originally entitled 'Mud Therapy', which he wrote and produced, 'Lake Consequence', and 'Even Cowgirls Get The Blues' - although Dan's scene was cut from the final movie. Stage appearances included A Buried Child and others.

Dan also created a production/record company - Hypedreamz, and released albums by several bands on this label.

Dan's full return to music came with Adrenaline Sky - most of the rest of the band came from Maggie's Dream (who in turn formed part of Lenny Kravitz's backing band). The band released two albums and played a few live gigs across the US.

Back in Portland, Dan bought, and ran the Key Largo Club and re-named it Ohm. Dan recorded two songs as a project G-13, which became Odyssey - an album 'Oceans of Sand' / 'Untangled Daydream' was scheduled to be released on Eon Records but never saw the light of day.

Other projects include the production of Ohm's Tuesday night house band Dahlia's debut CD Emotion Cycles and a remix of TV:616's 'Sickness

Dan has since been candid about this time and his descent into drug addiction. Realizing things had to change, Dan left Portland and lived in India with monks, and in Israel for a few years. He cleaned up his act, and came back to music with his first solo album, 'Coming Up For Air'.

In May of 2008, Dan Reed returned to the stage, in his 'hometown' of Portland, Oregon at the Aladdin Theater.

This renaissance has resulted in several more studio and live albums, and numerous shows across the US and Europe. Dan is very active on social media, interacting with fans that have become friends.


Brion James of Dan Reed Network
Guitar / Ukelele / Vocals

Brion James was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA on July 17, 1955. He comes from a long family musical background. His dad is a trumpet player. Brion himself played cello from the age of eight to 15.

Brion moved west from New York city. He studied at the Cornish School of the Arts. Because of his classical background, he also had offers from the School of the Arts in Paris, Berklee, Manhattan, Juilliard and GIT. By now, Brion was gigging regularly, sometimes in solo support slots to Allan Holdsworth and Stanley Jordan, but mainly learning the group thing with cover bands.

Brion was on the road with various Top 40 acts playing AC/DC and Led Zeppelin songs. Then, Brion took a trip into Portland to check out as many bands as he could, and stumbled across a band called Nimble Darts - with a certain Dan Reed on keyboards and guitar. After the gig, Brion commented to Dan: "I like your songs and I like your style".

Three weeks later, Brion received a call saying Dan really wanted to get hold of him. They met on Brion's next time in Seattle and Dan told him of his vision. Brion again: "We talked and we both had a lot of songs demoed and I had a dream about meeting a guy like him, and we just put our heads together. Sure enough, the songs sounded like they were written by the same mind - the rest is History!"

Following Dan Reed Network, Brion became an amazingly successful songwriter and producer for a number of Top 40 artists, such as En Vogue, Ketero, Ricky Jones, El and Chico DeBarge, Total, Jordan Knight (ex New Kids on the Block), BeBe Winans, Ce Ce Peniston, and boy band Sons of Harmony.

In 2000, Brion formed The Hoodies, a mini-group with Terry T. Brion also wrote songs, played guitar and produced two albums by Amanda Hayley - Naked Soul Music, and Freedom.

In a strange twist of fate in May 2001, Brion then joined Edgar Winter's band along with Melvin Brannon. Unfortunately they never recorded together. They only played live across the USA. In August 2001, Brion then moved on to join Babyface's band in August 2001 after playing guitar on a couple of tracks on his new album.

Brion continued songwriting and producing. He moved to Roatan (Honduras) to live the beach life. He recorded two solo album 'Snorkel Test' and 'Meditations'. He keeps bees, dives, and plays shows in bars on the island. He has returned to the Pacific NW several times to play solo shows in Portland, and Scappoose.


Melvin Brannon of Dan Reed Network
Electric Bass / Acoustic Bass / Vocals

Melvin Brannon was born on July 6, 1962(?), in Seattle, Washington, USA. Melvin studied music at the Mount Hood Community College. He played in various bands - including Top 40, jazz-fusion, funk, blues and rock bands. This showed Melvin's incredible talent and ability to play any style of music.

Melvin joined the Dan Reed Network after allegedly hassling the guys for an audition. And then they heard him play....

From 1994, Melvin recorded with, and then toured with Stevie Salas in Japan & Europe (including the Garage in Highbury, London, just up the road from Seven Sisters Road (!)) - that was some gig and I couldn't have been more surprised when I saw Melvin up on the stage with Stevie. In total, Melvin Brannon appeared on six Stevie Salas albums.

Back in Portland, from 1997, Melvin recorded a couple of albums with a trancey experimental band called 'Land of The Blind'; he also recorded with Ritchie Kotzen.

And in 2000, Melvin joined Edgar Winter's touring band. He was joined by none other than Brion James for most of 2001 (until the summer).

Following that, Melvin recorded his own solo music as Spoony B / M-Cat Spoon-e. He has played with legendary blues and jazz artists, most notably, part of the Booker T & The MGs live touring band.


Dan Pred of Dan Reed Network
Drums / Percussion / Electronics

Dan Pred is the drummer in the Dan Reed Network, responsible for drums and drum programming.

Dan Pred was born on November 19 1963, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA. Dan started on the drums in the seventh grade and played in the junior and high school band. Dan Pred first met Dan Reed in a music store - Engle's Music, in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1979. Together, they formed a band, 'Nightwing' and won the annual high school talent contest. Nightwing went on to perform in pool halls and at high school proms.In 1981, Dan Reed left for Portland. Dan Pred remained in South Dakota to finish high school. In 1982, Dan moved to Los Angeles where he studied at the Percussion Institute of Technology.

Dan met up with Dan Reed again in 1984, when he finished studying and moved to Portland, joining the Dan Reed Network. Dan Pred has been the backbone to Dan Reed Network throughout their recording and live career.

Following Dan Reed Network, Dan Pred and Blake Sakamoto joined Rob Daiker, in the band Generator, which subsequently became Slowrush, until management difficulties resulted in them leaving. They recorded two albums, one under each band name.

Dan Pred, along with Blake Sakamoto, kept his close ties to the band. Dan started up a video production company, Videomedia. As a thank you to the Dan Reed fans, Dan and Blake produced and released the 'Live At Last' video and double-CD. With Videomedia, Dan left drumming behind. In 2007, Dan Reed Network were inducted into the inaugural Oregon Music Hall of Fame, in Portland, Oregon. Dan Pred and Blake Sakamoto accepted the award.

When Dan Reed returned to Portland for solo musical performances, Dan Pred was often present at the shows. He would say that he was unlikely to play drums again in a full band situation. When Dan Reed announced the 2012 New Years' Eve reunion show on stage at the Star Theatre, Dan Pred and Blake Sakamoto were on stage with him.

Dan Pred still runs Videomedia, and has been instrumental in filming many Dan Reed solo promotional videos, Dan Reed Network live shows, promotional videos (including the new video 'Divided', and videos for other bands in the extended Portland musical family.


Rob Daiker of Dan Reed Network
Keyboards / Vocals / Programming

Rob Daiker is the keyboard player for Dan Reed Network. Although not part of the classic line-up, he has been a long-time friend and muscial collaborator with Dan Reed.

Rob started writing songs when he was 16, singing and playing all of the instruments. He toured the West Coast with cover bands for several years. He wanted to really understand music production and studied this intensely. In 1995, he recorded and released his first solo album, 'Extract'. Dan Reed sang on one song, 'Back to Love', and produced another track.

Following this, Rob formed the band Generator, with Dan Pred and Blake Sakamoto. They released an eponymous album, and then changed their name to Slowrush, releasing the album 'Volume'. Rob's last big band venture was Velabonz - their final show was supporting Bon Jovi at the Rose Garden in Portland.

Production has been what Rob Daiker has become known for. He has his own studio, The Commune, in Portland. He has produced a Dan Reed album, and many other artists from Pacific NW bands, Fame Riot and Haley Johnson, to Katy Perry and Meredith Brooks. As Dan Reed's often musical partner, he has played many shows in the Pacific NW and in Europe with Dan. His solo album, 'Binary Affairs' is released in June 2016.

Dan Reed Network - Previous Members


Blake Sakamoto of Dan Reed Network

Blake Sakamoto was born on August 22, 1961 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Blake had a very extensive musical training. This included thirteen years of piano, three of those studying with Pat George, and five years of classical voice training. Blake also studied music at Portland State University and Portland Community College. Blake played in a few bands in the 70s, including the LA based band Dear Mr. President.

Blake saw Dan Reed Network for the first time in February 1985 and liked them. Right from the beginning, Blake wanted to join this band. Melvin and Dan Reed saw Blake in Dear Mr. President in 1986 at a gig in Portland and knew they had to have him in the band. It took a lot of working out, but finally, in March 1987, Blake was invited to join by Dan Reed.

Blake completed the picture for the definitive Dan Reed Network line-up which remained stable until what seemed to be the end. With Dan Pred, Blake was a driving force in keeping the band alive afterwards - they co-produced the 'Live At Last' CD & VHS.

After Dan Reed Network, Blake worked in various projects, most notably with Dan Pred in Generator which subsequently became Slowrush. Dan and Blake both left Slowrush following certain difficulties. These difficulties led to Dan and Blake playing their last Slowrush show at the CD release party at Ohm club, Portland, on 22 February 2000.

Following that, Blake went on to be a musical force in the Portland area. He continues to be so to this day. He has played with several bands - Black Barrel (formed by ex-Animotion member Bill Wadhams), 28 If, the Brian Cutler Band and the reformed Animotion at a gig in August 2001.

When Dan Reed returned to Portland for his solo shows, Blake often played keyboards, and provided backing vocals. Blake was instrumental in the band reuniting in 2012. He toured with the band from 2012 to 2015. However, when the time came to record 'Fight Another Day', Blake chose to pursue his musical career ambitions and the many projects he was involved in, handing over the keyboard reigns to Rob Daiker.

Blake continues to be a local musical force. He promotes bands and shows through 'Blake Sakamoto Presents'. He is the lead of The Nu-Wavers; he choreographs the largest July 4th firework display in the west, at Vancouver, WA; he played with Hit Machine; he is the musical director at a local university. And so much more. He is always making plans...


Rick DiGiallonardo of Dan Reed Network

Rick DiGiallonardo was a member of the original line-up of Quarterflash, playing on their biggest hit, 'Harden My Heart', from their debut album. He joined Dan Reed Network as keyboard player, replacing Jeff Siri, and played on the first EP, 'Breathless'


Melvin Brannon of Dan Reed Network

Jeff Siri was part of the very first incarnation of Dan Reed Network, from 1984 - 1985, playing Keyboards. He recorded one single with the band, 'Eye On You' (and the B-Side 'Come To Me'), released on Tandees Records. He was replaced by Rick DiGiallonardo